AION Recovery Joins the MAP Recovery Network to Improve Client Outcomes

September 17, 2015   Chris Gates
By systematically measuring and tracking Outcomes Data, AION will have the ability to Improve Patients’ Long-term Recovery Rates

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 17, 2015


AION Recovery announced today it has joined the MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, to help improve its clients’ long-term recovery rates. By becoming a member of the recently launched Network, AION Recovery will be better positioned to secure new revenue streams, more effectively navigate the changing reimbursement model and differentiate itself to behavior healthcare consumers using quality measures. The Network is the first-ever, standardized, outcomes-driven alliance comprised of providers who are dedicated to delivering quality addiction treatment, utilizing resources to track and apply outcomes data, improve services and demonstrate the efficacy of chemical dependency programs. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, AION will have more resources to help clients achieve greater long-term success.

“Having MAP as a partnership has proven to add to our goal of being focused on clinical outcomes. MAP Recovery Support allows us to track our former clients clinically so that we are able to have real data to analyze,” said Jeffrey Bowers, Director of Admissions at AION Recovery. “We are excited about the Recovery Network as this opens up another avenue for us to help our clients reach and maintain their recovery goals.”

MAP’s mission is to improve addiction treatment outcomes. The company offers an array of options including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program in order to help patients sustain recovery post-treatment. Future plans include expanding the Network beyond the field of Behavioral Health in order to further its support to individuals in long-term recovery. According to Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, “Addiction treatment providers such as AION, who effectively demonstrate and improve their treatment outcomes using quantifiable data will be strategically positioned in the shifting reimbursement sector to broaden the ability to reach greater numbers of people in need of treatment. In the future, we are certain health insurance companies will offer reimbursement to those who substantiate the value of services they deliver. It is imperative that providers are prepared.”

AION Recovery has taken a step toward strengthening its position amongst the top-tier addiction treatment facilities in the nation. By measuring and reporting its outcomes, AION sends a strong message to consumers that it is dedicated to helping them sustain long-term recovery. AION stands behind its commitment to client outcomes by offering a 30-day complimentary treatment to clients who complete 90 days of treatment and do not remain sober. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, AION further validates this commitment.

About AION Recovery

AION Recovery is a Florida-based addiction rehabilitation center, with a primary focus on helping clients heal in a peer group environment. Peer supportive treatment programs have proven to be more effective than the traditional treatment model. AION’s programs include a ‘men’s only’ program (Invictus Retreat), a ‘women’s only’ program (Juno Retreat), a ‘first responder only’ program for police, firefighters, and public safety workers (Station House Retreat) and a ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender only’ program (Open Out Recovery).

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