The Augustine Recovery Center Joins The MAP Recovery Network

April 7, 2016   Haven Lindsey

Members of the MAP Recovery Network demonstrate addiction treatment success rates.


MAP Health Management, facilitator of the MAP Recovery Network, announced today that The Augustine Recovery Center has joined the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. Through its membership in the Recovery Network, The Augustine Recovery Center will differentiate itself as a high deliverable provider in the field of addiction treatment.

The MAP Recovery Network is a growing alliance of more than 70 addiction treatment providers who, in response to increased demand from health insurance payers and residents, have begun to collect post-treatment outcomes data on their discharged residents. As the field of addiction treatment transitions to utilizing telehealth services with discharged residents, the provision of recovery support services will soon become widespread among providers who are proactive and responsive to the evolving addiction treatment space.

According to Jason Chane, Owner of The Augustine Recovery Center and a leader in the evolving recovery industry, “We believe that anyone who desires and is willing to work for it, each day, can be free of addiction. We understand that maintaining long-term sobriety can be challenging for this reason. Membership in the MAP Recovery Network gives us the opportunity to maintain the relationship with our alumni, offer support and track their success – we are revolutionizing addiction treatment.”

MAP Recovery Network members have access to a wide array of addiction treatment resources and the MAP technology platform. In the first year following treatment, studies show that the risk of relapse is high and post-treatment recovery support has a marked impact on whether or not residents maintain sobriety. Advancements in telehealth services provide Recovery Network members with the ability to offer professional, extended recovery support to their residents who have recently completed treatment. By maintaining this vital contact following treatment, residents increase their likelihood of overcoming addiction while providers track the outcomes and measure the success of their treatment plans.

“Successful addiction treatment is being demanded by patients and payers – patients want assurance and payers want predictability”, commented Jacob Levenson, MAP Health Management CEO. “Until recently, the addiction treatment field has not been required to track and measure their success rates, which is not the case for other forms of chronic disease management. As the field evolves, we have begun to see providers embrace telehealth services in order to extend the continuum of care and demonstrate their outcomes. This will help turn the tide in the battle to fight addiction.”

Recently, MAP announced its plans to add 1,200 professional counselors to the Recovery Network, a step that will give its members additional means to provide post-treatment services. The Augustine Recovery Center will continue to differentiate itself in the addiction treatment space as a provider that is dedicated to measuring and demonstrating outcomes data and extending the continuum of care for its clientele striving to overcome addiction.

About The Augustine Recovery Center
The Augustine’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment to create lasting change for men struggling with addiction or substance abuse, by incorporating realistic spiritual living practices that can be carried successfully for a lifetime of recovery. The Augustine’s staff is dedicated to a holistic and supportive approach.
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