Delphi Behavioral Health Group and MAP Health Management Announce Partnership to Drive Improved Addiction Treatment Outcomes

December 2, 2019  

Delphi and MAP to deploy peer recovery support services and outcomes tracking at 6 locations in the Florida Market.

Austin, Texas – December 2, 2019 – Delphi Behavioral Health Group (Delphi), a nationwide family of accredited substance abuse and mental health treatment centers, has just announced its new partnership with MAP Health Management (MAP), the leading provider of peer recovery support services and industry data insights in the country.

As substance abuse continues to take its toll on the nation, organizations like MAP and Delphi work to bring effective solutions to as many people in need as possible. MAP uses technology and a peer's lived experience to engage with those in recovery. MAP specializes in scalable delivery of certified peer recovery support services and outcomes tracking that are designed to provide longer-term support and a feedback loop of actionable data to help addiction treatment programs improve.

Delphi will initially offer MAP to all of its patients at each of its facilities in the Florida market. The remote, telehealth nature of MAP's services enables patients to engage with peer services via MAP's video-based engagement platform or telephonically. In addition to supporting all of Delphi’s patients, MAP's peer specialists will also conduct ongoing support sessions with family members who are involved in patients' treatment.

“This new partnership will be a tremendous help to our mission,” said Dominic Sirianni, CEO of Delphi, “We’re excited to be able to extend MAP to our alumni for long-term recovery options and to leverage the outcomes data we receive to make our programs as effective as possible.”

“MAP is excited to partner with Delphi to insure all of Delphi’s patients have access to peer recovery support services after leaving treatment. Peer services are a key factor in improving outcomes for people in early recovery from a substance use disorder.” Said Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP.

About Delphi Behavioral Health Group

Delphi Behavioral Health Group is a nationwide network of substance abuse and mental health treatment facilities that works hard to raise the standard of treatment across the country. With 15 unique facilities in five states, Delphi offers the full spectrum of care to its patients, giving them the best chance at long-term recovery. Delphi’s commitment to on-demand care, comprehensive clinical therapies, and dedicated staff members sets it apart from other providers along with an individualized, patient-first approach that helps foster lasting sobriety.

About MAP Health Management

From its inception in 2011, MAP's mission has been to improve outcomes for the millions of people annually diagnosed and treated for the chronic disease of addiction, formally referred to as Substance Use Disorder.

MAP delivers a much-needed long-term support model by deploying a suite of proprietary solutions, including tech-enabled peer recovery support services, an adaptive engagement framework, and outcomes reporting – all designed to improve health outcomes for individuals and reduce preventable health care costs.

MAP is currently collaborating with more than 100 addiction treatment providers to deploy its services, which represent a capacity of 8,000-plus treatment beds/outpatient slots. For more information, visit