Dr. Thomas Kimball Awarded 2016 Recovery School Award

November 30, 2016  

Published in PR Web, November 30, 2016. View the Press Release Here

Thomas G. Kimball, Ph.D., LMFT, Director of the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities of Texas Tech University and Clinical Director of MAP Health Management, is the 2016 recipient of the Association of Recovery Schools’ Recovery School Award. The award was presented at the second annual Association of Recovery Schools’ Recovery Research Awards Banquet hosted at The George Washington University.

The Recovery School Award recognizes Dr. Kimball’s outstanding contributions to recovery research in an educational setting and his decades-long commitment to the advancement of critical research in addiction recovery. As part of the event, Dr. Kimball presented banquet attendees with key findings from his latest research and participated in a cross-discipline panel discussion with recovery and addiction researchers.

“This is a tremendous honor, one that I share with my MAP and Texas Tech colleagues and especially with my students and all persons in recovery,” Dr. Kimball remarked. “We can confidently say that science holds the answers to combatting and overcoming addiction. Now, we must ensure that all patients seeking recovery have access to these science-based addiction treatment and recovery methods, which improve outcomes and offer real hope to millions of families.”

“Dr. Kimball is a champion for those who are experiencing addiction and/or substance use disorder. He is a proven advocate for the cause of strengthening addiction outcomes through science and technology. We are excited about the recognition Dr. Kimball has received and believe him to be very deserving of this honor,” said Jacob Levenson, CEO, MAP Health Management.

Attendees at the summit included policy makers, higher education professionals, medical and healthcare researchers, representatives of federal agencies, nonprofits, and a variety of other public and private stakeholders. The Association of Recovery Schools is a 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization comprising recovery high schools, as well as associate members and individuals who support the integral growth of the recovery high school movement.