MAP Health Management, LLC Announces an Exclusive Commitment to Use Tableau as its Analytics Software Platform

April 5, 2016   Haven Lindsey

MAP strategically selects Tableau software to deliver reporting and analytics aspects of its behavioral health population management platform.


MAP Health Management, the nation’s leader in the advancement of technology to improve outcomes in behavioral health and addiction treatment, announced today its decision to exclusively use Tableau to power and deliver the reporting and analytics of its population health management platform. MAP’s advanced software platform empowers behavioral health and addiction treatment providers with innovative options to deliver recovery support to discharged patients, identify risk and demonstrate value to payers and consumers.

MAP’s technology platform captures and mobilizes data throughout the continuum of care via its telehealth platform. MAP selectively chose Tableau to build an intuitive and user friendly interface for clients to analyze MAP Live DataTM, which will substantially increase the likelihood of sustaining long-term recovery. Providers who utilize the MAP platform will be able to collect empirical outcomes data while extending the continuum of care.

“Technology changes the face of business, that has already been established,” commented Avi Mukerjee, CTO of MAP Health Management. “Technology has entered the field of behavioral health, specifically, the way in which behavioral health care and addiction treatment are delivered. It is an exciting time as we are beginning to construct more opportunities for treatment providers and the patients they serve.”

“MAP Health Management is a leader in population health management innovation for behavioral health and addiction,” said Andy Dé, Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Tableau. “Actionable insights powered by Tableau will empower MAP Health Management’s provider and payer clientele to make better, life impacting decisions across the continuum of care and improve patient outcomes.”

Positioned on the cutting edge of addiction treatment data collection and demonstration, MAP recognizes the value in its technology and gleaned results. With the advent of telehealth technology, the discoveries and inroads MAP is making is wielding considerable influence on the provision of behavioral health care and addiction treatment services. As we enter a new era where data is driving healthcare delivery, having an analogous analytical tool to access data is of critical importance.

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