Green Mountain Treatment Center Joins the MAP Recovery Network

February 9, 2016   Chris Gates

By collecting data using MAP recovery Network resources, Green Mountain Treatment Center will be able to demonstrate its rates of addiction treatment success.


MAP Health Management LLC, facilitator of the MAP Recovery Network, announced today that Green Mountain Treatment Center has joined the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, Green Mountain Treatment Center will be positioned to effectively navigate the changes in the evolving field of behavioral health and help clients sustain long-term recovery from addiction.

Comprised of more than 70 addiction treatment providers, the MAP Recovery Network is the preeminent standardized, outcomes-driven alliance. Increasingly in this new behavioral health paradigm, patients and health insurance payers are demanding to know treatment success rates. In response, MAP Recovery Network members deliver post-treatment recovery support to their discharged patients and are committed to measuring and collecting outcomes data in order to provide success rates.

According to Eric Spofford, Chief Executive Officer of Green Mountain Treatment Center, “It has been proven that better outcomes are produced by a long-term approach and it is in the post-treatment realm when clients are more susceptible to relapse. Membership in the MAP Recovery Network aligns with our philosophy that the longer we engage someone battling addiction the higher the likelihood they will overcome their addiction and maintain recovery.”

MAP strives to improve treatment outcomes for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The company offers a variety of behavioral healthcare services including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program in order to help patients successfully transition from treatment to long-term recovery. With the advent of telehealth, MAP Network members offer post-treatment recovery support to their patients regardless of their location. These advancements in extending the provision of care are greatly enhancing the results of addiction treatment.

“This is clearly an exciting time for the addiction treatment space”, commented Jacob Levenson, Chief Executive Officer of MAP Health Management. “We have advanced technology at our fingertips which is propelling us toward an ability to collect and demonstrate outcomes data. This is improving addiction treatment for everyone: the provider, the payer and the patient.”

With addiction at epidemic levels in our country, providers who collect data from their discharged patients and demonstrate their rates of overall treatment success will differentiate themselves to behavioral healthcare consumers and health insurance payers. Membership in the MAP Recovery Network gives Green Mountain Treatment Center an additional opportunity to help its patients sustain long-term recovery through data-driven methods. MAP Recovery Network members are dedicated to value-driven performance and future plans include expanding the Network beyond the field of behavioral health.

About Green Mountain Treatment Center
Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Green Mountain Treatment Center offers unique addiction treatment for adults. Treatment is centered on the philosophy of the 12 Steps, in a safe, scenic and serene environment. Additional services include around-the-clock nursing staff, gender-separate treatment, detoxification services and nutritional meals dietitian designed and chef prepared. Additional information about Green Mountain Treatment Center can be found at

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