Kemah Palms Recovery Joins the MAP Recovery Network

October 6, 2015   Chris Gates

By making the strategic decision to measure and track outcomes data, Kemah Palms will have the ability to improve clients’ long-term recovery rates


Kemah, TX Oct. 6, 2015 – Kemah Palms Recovery announced today it has joined the MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, in order to improve its clients’ long-term recovery rates. By becoming a member of the recently launched Recovery Network, Kemah Palms positions itself to more effectively navigate the changing reimbursement model and differentiate its program to behavior healthcare consumers using quality measures. The Recovery Network is the first-ever, standardized outcomes-driven alliance encompassing providers who are dedicated to delivering quality addiction treatment, utilizing resources to track and apply outcomes data, improve services and demonstrate their overall efficacy. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, Kemah Palms strengthens its resources and abilities to help clients achieve greater long-term success.

Dr. James Flowers, CEO of Kemah Palms Recovery, stated, “We are excited about the opportunities the MAP Recovery Network has to offer. Based on our belief in abstinence and recovery-based programs, utilizing MAP’s recovery support program is yet another way for our clients to experience treatment that is individualized for their needs and to have access to a comprehensive, long-term treatment plan.”

MAP’s mission is to improve addiction treatment outcomes. The company offers an array of options including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program which helps patients sustain recovery following treatment for addiction. Future plans include expanding the Recovery Network beyond the field of Behavioral Health. According to Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, “Addiction treatment providers such as Kemah Palms Recovery, who effectively demonstrate and improve their treatment outcomes using quantifiable data, will benefit from the advantage of being exceptionally qualified as the health insurance reimbursement sector continues to shift toward a pay-for-performance model. Quality providers such as Kemah Palms will distinguish themselves by demonstrating their outcomes which will ultimately afford them greater opportunities to reach more clients.”

By joining the Recovery Network, Kemah Palms Recovery has taken a progressive step toward strengthening its position amongst the top-tier addiction treatment facilities in the nation. By measuring and reporting its treatment outcomes, Kemah Palms sends a strong message to consumers that it is dedicated to helping them sustain long-term recovery by offering a comprehensive program that includes demonstrating their program efficacy.

About Kemah Palms Recovery

Kemah Palms Recovery is a Texas-based comprehensive substance abuse treatment program using evidence-based models that helps individuals get their lives back on the road to health and happiness. The Kemah Palms approach combines proven recovery methods and therapeutic processes such as the 12-step recovery program, individual and group psychotherapy, relapse prevention, expressive arts, alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, and health living habits. Our mission is to help end an individuals’ substance abuse and replace harmful behaviors with new, safe, healthier ones. Depending on the needs of the client, Kemah Palms Recovery offers different levels of treatment, including Medical Detox, Residential Treatment, a Partial Hospitalization Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program, Transitional Living Program as well as an Aftercare (Relapse Prevention) Program.

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