MAP Health Management, LLC Launches Interactive MAP Recovery Network Platform

April 14, 2016   MAP Health Management

MAP delivers a breakthrough population management platform for behavioral healthcare professionals to license and utilize to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MAP Health Management, the nation's leader in the advancement of data-driven technology to improve outcomes and reduce costs in behavioral health, announced today the launch of its enterprise population health management platform. The advanced software platform empowers behavioral health and addiction treatment providers with innovative options to extend the continuum of care for discharged patients, identify risk, holistically manage patient populations, and demonstrate value to health insurance payers and consumers through powerful informatics.

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The MAP Recovery Network, the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, is currently comprised of more than 70 quality addiction treatment providers and plans are underway to expand further into behavioral health. MAP Recovery Network members represent a variety of treatment service options including in-patient and out-patient facilities, sober living homes, facilities that focus on specific populations such as adolescents, men, women, LGBT, and many who see patients with co-occurring disorders. Providers understand that extending the continuum of care for discharged patients has a significant influence on their ability to maintain long-term recovery. Network members are dedicated to the provision of extended and expanded care and have committed to collecting post-treatment data and demonstrating the efficacy of their treatment.

The MAP Platform offers a comprehensive solution to the challenging demands healthcare professionals face. Health insurance payers, treatment providers, and consumers all have a stake in achieving more effective and efficient healthcare practices. With the demand for more accountability, providers can license and utilize the platform to gain significant visibility into patient populations, conduct risk assessments, increase patient engagement when necessary, and ultimately improve outcomes which will lead to decreased costs.

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"Actionable data sits at the heart of the MAP Platform and we are excited to offer this comprehensive instrument to providers. Behavioral healthcare professionals are becoming more involved with data collection and predictive analytics; determining the right treatment, for the right individual, at the right time are critical components to value-based care, effective risk management and improved outcomes. MAP Recovery Network members understand the future involves data and together we will improve how healthcare is delivered," stated Jacob Levenson, CEO, MAP Health Management.

The MAP Platform utilizes four primary components to optimize the continuum of care: Watch Tower™, Engagement Manager, Case 360™, and Map Insights™ to help professionals conduct population health analysis, refine their patient populations, deliver reimbursable long-term recovery support serivces via telehealth modules and holistically manage patients. The platform offers high-intergrity, secure communication and by collecting and measuring outcomes data, providers will be able to demonstrate treatment success rates which is required in value-based care. Additonally, the data dashboards offer clients a way to access and customize intuitive, robust facility reports. MAP's data analysts produce monthly reports in order to qualify and quantify treatment outcomes.

Positioned on the forefront of addiction treatment data collection and demonstration, MAP recognizes the value in its technology and gleaned results. With the advent of patient management technology, the discoveries and inroads MAP is making is wielding considerable influence on the provision of behavioral health care and addiction treatment services. As we enter a new era where data is driving healthcare delivery, having an analogous analytical tool to access data and streamline service delivery is essential for best practice methodology.

About MAP Health Management, LLC
MAP Health Management is the nation's leader in the provision of a comprehensive, accessible technology platform designed to improve treatment outcomes for patients treated for addictions and other behavioral health illnesses. MAP provides telehealth services, recovery support programs and revenue cycle management to its clients. The MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, is comprised of quality treatment providers committed to measuring and demonstrating outcomes data. Network members are able to differentiate themselves to behavioral health consumers and health insurance payers by demonstrating treatment success rates. Nationally recognized treatment facilities trust MAP to help them navigate and thrive in the new healthcare paradigm by utilizing the latest data-driven technologies. MAP's dedicated teams of research analysts, clinical directors, recovery advocates, technology professionals and billing experts work to improve patient outcomes, empower treatment providers with data, reduce costs and drive facility revenue.

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