The MAP Recovery Network Welcomes Mending Fences

January 26, 2016   Chris Gates

By collecting alumni data from the onset of opening for operation, MAP Recovery Network member, Mending Fences, will have science-backed results to demonstrate its rates of long-term success.

#MAP Health Management, LLC, facilitator of the MAP Recovery Network, announced today that the recently opened Mending Fences has joined the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, to help improve its clients’ long-term recovery from addiction. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, Mending Fences will effectively navigate the changes to the evolving reimbursement model in the field of behavioral health.

The MAP Network is the preeminent standardized, outcomes-driven alliance comprised of addiction treatment providers who are dedicated to demonstrating their rates of treatment success. MAP Network members deliver quality addiction treatment, utilize resources to track and apply outcomes data, improve services and demonstrate the efficacy of addiction treatment. Along with more than 60 addiction treatment facilities who comprise the MAP Network, Mending Fences will differentiate itself to behavioral healthcare consumers by using data collected from its alumni and demonstrating its rates of overall treatment success.

“Mending Fences is a residential dual diagnosis program with a strong Equine Facilitated Therapy component as well as vocational assessment, skills training and job placement. We offer a comprehensive treatment program that I developed along with our Director of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Dr. Marilyn Sokolof. Located on a 400-plus acre horse farm we provide a tranquil place for healing with the knowledge that extended recovery support following treatment will greatly enhance our client’s potential to overcome addiction”, commented Wendy Lader, Ph.D., M.Ed. and CEO of Mending Fences.
“The vision of the MAP Recovery Network aligns with our mission to provide the most effective and comprehensive addiction treatment available.”

MAP strives to improve treatment outcomes for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The company offers a variety of behavioral healthcare services including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program in order to help patients successfully transition from treatment to a life of sustainable, long-term recovery. With the advent of telehealth, MAP Recovery Network members are able to offer professional, extended recovery support to their alumni which has shown to enhance the likelihood of sustained recovery. Future plans include expanding the MAP Network beyond the field of behavioral health.

According to Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, “We understand the field of chemical dependency has evolved and addiction treatment providers are being required to validate their treatment success rates. Members of the MAP Recovery Network are armed with resources to collect data from their clientele and effectively demonstrate their outcomes. As health insurance payers and healthcare consumers continue to witness these enhancements the result will be improved addiction treatment.”

By treating clients suffering from addiction as well as co-occurring disorders, Mending Fences embraces the entire continuum of care. Membership in the MAP Recovery Network gives Mending Fences an additional opportunity to help its patients sustain long-term recovery through data-driven, innovative practices.

About Mending Fences
Mending Fences celebrated the opening of its operational doors in January 2016. Its comprehensive program provides the structure and sense of community required to build emotional skill sets necessary to effectively live a healthy and productive life free from the brain disease of addiction. The treatment program has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to individually provide the tools needed to understand the biological and psychological perspectives of the disease. By offering an extensive Equine Facilitate Psychotherapy (EFP) program, clients at Mending Fences learn how they relate to themselves and to others as they battle their addictions. Additional information about Mending Fences can be found at

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