MAP Care Solutions

Supporting addicts, alcoholics, and their families on their journey of recovery.

Every treatment provider in the MAP Recovery Network provides 12 months of post-treatment support to all of their alumni through the MAP Care Solutions.

The MAP Care Solutions Program is unlike any other recovery support program in existence today. We will work with you and your family to identify relapse behaviors and provide the support you need. You’ll work with your own personal Peer Recovery Support Specialist who’s been where you are and has the insight, wisdom, and training to help you navigate the difficult stages of early recovery. Our goal is to help you transition to a balanced, healthy life.



How the Care Solutions Program Works

Every Care Solutions member facility provides 12 months of active support for each of their alumni and their families. The alumnus is partnered with a MAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist to help guide and support them on their journey of recovery through weekly phone/live video sessions. The Recovery Support Specialist all have 3+ years of long-term recovery. They understand the challenges that early sobriety can present because they have been there themselves.

The Recovery Support Specialist’s primary goal is to support each clients recovery and to watch for early signs of a relapse, so they can help to correct the client’s behavior prior to a slip. Post-treatment support greatly improves the chances of staying sober, and an ongoing relationship with someone in long-term recovery is a powerful resource.