Addison House Joins the MAP Recovery Network

February 2, 2016   Chris Gates

As a member of the MAP Recovery Network, Addison House continues its mission of validating the long-term outcomes of its clientele.


MAP Health Management, facilitator of the MAP Recovery Network, announced today that Addison House has joined the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. Addison House, whose mission and philosophy is to help men transition from early sobriety to healthy autonomy, has the distinction of being the first recovery residence that has aligned itself with the MAP Network.

The MAP Recovery Network is the preeminent standardized, outcomes-driven alliance comprised of addiction treatment and recovery providers who are dedicated to collecting outcomes data and reporting their rates of treatment success. Addiction treatment patients and health insurance payers increasingly demand to see treatment success rates, which has been established in other segments of healthcare. Addison House joins more than 70 addiction treatment and recovery facilities who comprise the MAP Network.

Addison House Founder & COO, Haynes Young, commented, “Our recovery programs are designed to hold our clientele accountable as they transition from short-term to long-term recovery and we require the same of ourselves. By collecting and demonstrating our outcomes, we are holding our programs accountable and validating the value of our services. Our decision to align with the Network, however, is about more than becoming accountable for our outcomes. We view our mission as providing more than upscale accommodations in a sober environment. We are excited to provide our residents’ access to MAP’s experienced Recovery Support Advocates who will provide personal, individualized support to our residents both during and after their time with us.”

MAP Recovery Network members work with patients battling drug and alcohol addiction and are committed to improving treatment success rates. Membership in the MAP Network provides members with access to a variety of services including MAP’s renowned post-treatment Recovery Support Services which helps patients successfully transition from addiction treatment to long-term recovery. Advancement in telehealth provides Network members the ability to offer professional, extended recovery support to their patients who have recently completed treatment as well as those who have transitioned to sober living residences. In the first year following treatment the risk of relapse is high. Post-treatment recovery support has shown to increase the likelihood of sustaining long-term recovery from addiction which improves the overall outcome of treatment.

According to Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management,

“The MAP Recovery Network provides opportunities to improve addiction treatment outcomes. Members utilize telehealth and related resources to measure and demonstrate empirical data on their patients. By reporting their treatment outcomes, patients and their health insurance payers are able to discern quality providers. Addison House is a welcome addition to this Network of value-driven providers.”

Through its extensive post-treatment recovery work with clients suffering from the disease of addiction, Addison House embraces the entire continuum of care. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, members further substantiate their shared mission to improve treatment outcomes using data-driven practices. Future plans include expanding the MAP Network beyond the field of behavioral health.

About Addison House
Addison House provides supervised peer-to-peer communities for men in early recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse. Supervised, multi-phased programs are designed to provide residents with the basic tools of sober living as they transition from early sobriety to healthy autonomy. Addison House philosophy is based on the belief that providing structure, accountability and life skills coaching to residents during their first year of recovery is the most effective path to success and sustained sobriety. Additional information about Addison House can be found at

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